Liste d’applications portables gratuites

Un choix de freeware  pour Windows pouvant fonctionner sur une clé


  • AutoHotkey » 0.2, os, . 200508: Launch apps by hotkeys, carry your abbreviations with you, do almost anything.
  • PStart » 0.6. 200505: For portable or non-portable use. Menu & submenus, hotkeys for menu and panel, hotkeys for apps, scheduler for apps, notes w/ reminders, scans the drive for executables, incremental search of start menu and PStart menu. By PEGTOP. 200509: Upd. desc. for v. 2.0.4.

file utilities

  • 1-4a Rename » 0.7. 200508: File renamer w/ rare features, e.g., can rename a character only after its nth occurence. Use parameters /e and /noc (Expert Mode, No Online Check). Examples » By Janic.
  • 7za » 0.6, os. CLI version of 7-Zip. For .zip and .rar archives use A43 or freeCommander.
  • Copy Handler » 0.6, os. 200510: Handles file transfers. Several l10ns, Chinese, English, and Polish Help. By Ixen Gerthannes.
  • Flexible Renamer » 1.4. 200511: Friendly file/folder renamer. English and Japanese GUI and documentation. Japanese page » By Naru.
  • freeCommander » 1.2, ∩. Dual-pane file manager, zips/unzips, unrars, makes sfx files, wipes, splits, searches in zip/rar/cab archives, has visual filters, custom hotkeys, custom layouts, makes/verifies MD5 checksums, and more. Several l10s. By Marek Jasinski. 200509: Upd. desc. for v. 2005.09.
  • PC Inspector File Recovery » 5.9, ∩. 200507: Wider in functionality than Restoration. Restores partitions also. Do not run from the drive or partition of the deleted data. Interface & help in several l10ns. By PC Inspector.
  • Splitter Light » 0.1. Splits and rejoins files or directories (including subdirectories). Friendly. By Martin Stoeckli.

security, privacy

  • F-Prot for DOS » 4.4. Antivirus on-demand scanner for DOS.
  • KeePass » 0.4, u1, os. Store/manage/autocomplete usernames/passwords. Many features, excellent documentation. Can store everything (including the encrypted database) in its directory. Also for PocketPC, Linux, Mac OS X. By Dominik Reichl. 200607: Upd. info.
  • LockNote » 0.3, os. 200601: Simple notepad to protect your notes with strong encryption. By Steganos. Alt. link:
  • Trend Micro Sysclean Package » 20.3. 200602: Full-blown stand-alone package to detect and remove malware in general. You need two downloads: the engine, under “If you are not a Trend Micro customer”, and the database » There is no automatic update, so you will have to visit the page from time to time to get updates. Instructions » (It can take a while to load from a keydrive.) Suggested by Roman.
  • TrueCrypt » 0.1, os. 200507: “[C]reate a virtual encrypted disk within a file and mount it as a real disk”, “encrypt an entire partition or a device, such as USB memory stick, floppy disk, etc”. It can be used from a USB stick in “traveller mode”, i.e., without installation. Several l10s. By the TrueCrypt Foundation.


  • µTorrent » 0.1. 200509: Tiny BitTorrent client w/ amazing set of features. By Ludvig Strigeus. For portable use, “copy settings.dat (located in %AppData%\uTorrent) to the same folder as uTorrent.exe”.
  • Abyss Web Server X1 » 0.6, ∩. 200509: Easy to set up, detailed Help. For portable use, put a dot for root path in abyss.conf. For PHP, move the PHP directory in the Abyss directory, and adapt the path in abyss.conf. Many l10ns. By Aprelium Technologies.
  • d3 Traceroute » 1.6, u0. 200511: Tracerouter, whois, port scanner, and more. English and German. By Holger Lembke.
  • FileZilla » 3.5, u1, os. (S)FTP client. The first time it runs, it asks whether to store settings in the registry or in its directory.
  • Firefox Portable » 16.2, os. Fully functional. Read the instructions! Packaged by John Haller.
  • HFS (Http File Server) » 0.6, os. 200511: HTTP server to transfer files. Easy to use, w/ extended help file. By Massimo Melina. 200607: Upd. info for v. 2.0.
  • i.Scribe » 1.1. Email client w/ calendar and bayesian antispam filter. It supports one account and one identity. Help included. Runs on Linux also. By Matthew Allen.
  • Lynx » 3.2, os, ∩. 200510: The text browser. Exhaustive help included.
  • Miranda IM » r2, 1.7, os. Instant Messenger for all major protocols (AIM, ICQ, IRC, Jabber, MSN, Yahoo), extensible via plugins. Writes one key in registry (not settings).
  • NetMeter » 0.3, ∩. 200603: Small, customizable network bandwidth monitor. By ReadError.
  • Off by one » 1.9. Browser with its own rendering engine and tabbed interface. Supports HTML 3.2, and SSL, does not support CSS, JavaScript, and Flash. By Home Page Productions. Settings are kept in C:\Windows\Ob1.ini, unless it finds an Ob1.ini file in its directory. Εither make an empty Ob1.ini file in its directory, or copy Ob1.ini from C:\Windows.
  • Ping Plotter » 0.3, ∩. Tracerouter. By PingPlotter.
  • PuTTy » 0.4, os. Free Telnet/SSH Client, with xterm terminal emulator. Settings are stored in registry. The alternative, by the author himself, Simon Tatham, is a batch file to import settings, start the program and then export and delete them from the registry: Storing configuration in a file »
  • Skype » 14.1, u1, ∩. 200511: Since 1.4. Install, make a directory in the keydrive, say: Skype, and copy Skype.exe there. Then make a subdirectory, say: Skypedata, and start the program with the parameters: /datapath:Skypedata /removable — Example.
  • Thunderbird Portable » 8.9, os. The best email client. Packaged by John Haller. Read the instructions!
  • TYPSoft FTP Server » 1.0, os. 200511: Friendly FTP server. Site and Help in English and French, several l10ns. By Marc Bergeron.
  • Uniform Server » 17.3, os. 200511: WAMP package (Windows, Apache, MySQL, PHP). Next version (3.3) will also work on 98/ME. By the Uniform Server Development Team.

text & productivity

  • AbiWord Portable » 13.7, os. 200510: Word processor. Packaged by John Haller. Note: AbiWord in general does not like large Word documents.
  • EssentialPIM » 1.0. 200506: Portable PIM. Exports in various formats, has a notes organizer w/ rtf (for formatting, bulleted lists, etc.), several l10ns, and Help file. By EssentialPIM Ltd. 200509: v. 1.6 has a small but distracting rotating ad of the Pro version. 200601: New in portable v. of 1.7, 2006-01-13: if installed on a flash drive, it uses portable settings; otherwise, it uses non-portable settings.
  • ExtPhr32 » 0.5, ∩. 200509: “Extracts every word and every phrase up to a certain length that occurs at least a minimum number of times in a source text and that does not start or end with a stopword”. By Timothy Craven.
  • MemPad » 0.1. 200510: Like Treepad/KeyNote, w/ basic functionality, encryption in RC4, English and German Help. By Horst Schaeffer.
  • Notepad++ » 1.5, os. 200511: Since v. 3.3. Editor based on Scintilla (as SciTE is). Notable features include: custom hotkeys, folding, highlighting of found strings, macros, regex, split view, tabs. Many l10ns, Help file. Install w/ portable settings, or use the zip file. By Don HO.
  • OpenOffice Portable » 138.0, os. Full office suite. Packaged by John Haller. Read the Known Issues.
  • PDF Reader » r1, 2.8. Fast, unintrusive, reads all .pdf files, offers 15% of Adobe Reader’s functionality, which is what 95% of people need. It does not render text as clearly. Stores settings in registry. By FOXIT Software.
  • PDFTK Builder » 2.1, os, ∩. 200512: Cut/merge pdf files, add passwords, and more. By Angus Johnson. It is a graphical interface for the CLI tool pdftk:
  • SciTE » 1.0, os. Advanced text/source editor. By Neil Hodgson.
  • Stickies » 0.6, ∩. 200511: Make a file stickies.ini in its directory, or copy this file from the user profile. See Help, Directory Usage. By Tom Revell.
  • TextDiff » 0.7, os. 200511: Drag & drop, in-place editing, merging, search & replace. By Angus Johnson.
  • TextHarvest » 3.1, ∩. 200508: “Reads files and copies the information you want, based on a list of text strings you specify. You can keep certain lines of data while skipping others”. Includes Help with examples. By Pinnacle Software.
  • TreePad Lite » r1, 0.4. Friendliest notes organizer. Uses tree form. Stores settings in registry. By Henk Hagedoorn. 200503: Full portability is planned for future editions!
  • Wisterer HX » 7.0, u0. 200511: Reminders, calendar, adress and phone book. Exports in various formats, imports from OE and Palms. Data are saved in .xml format. USB version available. German only. By Michael Maier.

music & multimedia

  • 1by1 » 0.1, ∩. The directory player. By Martin Pesch.

  • CDex 1.60++ » 3.1, os. To rip and encode CDs. Modification by tycho.
  • CoolPlayer » 0.6, os. Light music player, supports Winamp plugins. (Crackles at irregular intervals in some systems.) By The CoolPlayer Team.
  • GiveMeTac » 1.0, ∩. 200510: Métronome virtuel. Adjustable volume, beat, beat sound. English, French. By Graphys. Via
  • IrfanView » 1.3, ∩. Image viewer/editor. The extra plugins take 6.33 MB (v. 3.95). By Irfan Skiljan.
  • mp3DirectCut » 0.2, ∩. 200508: Cut/copy/paste mp3 files, change the volume. Easy, reliable, quick. By Martin Pesch.
  • oggdropXPd » 0.6, u0, os. 200506: “A drag-and-drop Ogg Vorbis encoder/decoder/player for the eXPerienced user. Features include compression from lossless files (Monkeys Audio, LPAC, FLAC and OptimFROG), auto-tagging, renaming of encoded files, setting of advanced encoder parameters, use of VorbisGain tags on decode, Playlist (.m3u) creation, and others.” By John Edwards.
  • PhotoFiltre » 3.2, l1, u0, ∩. Friendly, efficient image retoucher. By Antonio da Cruz.
  • VLC media player » 16.3, os. By default stores personal settings and the plugins cache in the user profile. Use parameters: --no-plugins-cache and --config="vlcrc".
  • XnView » 3.1, r2. Image viewer/editor. In Options/Install there is option to store settings portably. This setting is stored in the registry. By Pierre Gougelet.

system tools & utilities

  • BurnCDCC » 0.2. 200507: Burn an ISO file to a CD or DVD. By TeraByte Unlimited.
  • CPU-Z » 0.7. 200508: Gathers info about CPU, motherboard, and memory. By Franck Delattre.
  • Directory Lister » 0.2, u0. 200506: Powerful and friendly, exports to .html, .txt, .csv. Help, many l10ns. Comes w/ installer or in .rar archive. By KRKsoft. 200511: Upd. for v. 0.9.
  • DirMS » 0.2. 200507: Efficient CLI defragmenter for NT/2000/XP. Get v. 1.2.20, not the “Service and GUI”. (You have to visit the licence page first.) Usage: X:\Apps\Tools\dirms c -q defragments partition C. Omitting -q makes the process “glacially slow”, says the author, Leroy Dissinger.
  • Easy Cleaner » 2.6. For registry cleaning use Regseeker. For everything else, Easy Cleaner. Many l10s. By Toni Helenius.
  • Faber Toys » 1.1, ∩. Alt. link » 200509: “A system utility, mainly developed for power users who want to know what’s going on in their computers. It may also be used by programmers as a tool for tracking their applications.” By Fabio Vescarelli. For languages other than English, adapt the language path in Config.cfg. E.g., LanguagePath=.\Language\Italian.dat
  • i.Disk » 0.3. 200506: “Ever wanted to know where all the used space on your hard disk was hiding?” By Matthew Allen.
  • LC ISO Creator » 0.1. 200507: “Creates ISO files from CD/DVD-ROM”. Efficient, friendly. By Lucersoft.
  • NiftyWindows » 0.4, os. 200508: Advanced handling of windows, and more. Try it! By Enovatic-Solutions.
  • RegSeeker » 0.3. The best free registry cleaner. By Thibaud Djian and Russ Schwenkler.
  • SIW (System Information for Windows) » 1.2. 200509: By Gabriel Topala.
  • Small CD-Writer » 0.3. 200510: Tiny Russian CD burner. By AV(T) Lab. Unofficial English translation of earlier version.
  • Unknown Devices » 0.9, os. What those unknown devices in Device Manager are? By Mike Catfish Moniz.
  • WinAudit » 0.5. Detailed system report exportable in several formats. For non-default settings a file is made in Temp: winaudit.ini. By Parmavex Services. 200510: Upd. desc. for v. 2.0 Beta 2.
  • XVI32 » 1.0. 200603: Simple hex editor w/ detailed help. By Christian Maas.


  • AddUp 1 » 0.1, ∩. 200511: Flexible tape calculator, supports complex expressions. Help included. By
  • Converber » 0.2. 200506: Converter with many categories and tons of units. Accepts custom conversions. Many languages & Help file. By Xyntec Automation Inc.
  • ConvertAll » 7.1, os, ∩. 200511: Many categories, supports arbitrary compound units; e.g., from inches/day to kilometres/year. Linux version also. By Doug Bell.
  • Lister » 0.4. 200509: “[V]iewer for text, binary, hex, html and unicode files. It can also display bitmaps and multimedia, and other bitmap formats through Irfanview as a filter.” By Christian Ghisler. Use parameter: .\lister.ini
  • Simon Tatham’s Portable Puzzle Collection » 1.5, os. 200510: One-player puzzle games. Help included. Unpack zip archive to any directory. The primary meaning of “portable” here is “cross-platform”: the collection is also available for Mac OS X, Palm OS, and Unix.
  • TheSage » 21.2, ∩. 200508: English dictionary/thesaurus w/ tabs and advanced search. By Franc Morales and Leah Gilner. Alt. link: 200510: Upd. info for v. 1.0.6.

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